Mr. Dwaraknath Reddy, the Chairman of the Nutrine group of companies is the Founder Trustee of Ramanarpanam Trust and its associated organizations like the Ranjini Dwaraknath Reddy Trust, (RDRT). Born in 1924, in a rural agricultural family of Andhra Pradesh, India, he studied at the Rishi Valley School, (founded by J. Krishnamurthy), graduated from Madras University and went on to complete his post graduation at the Louisiana State University, America. With a modest capital, he founded the Nutrine Confectionery Company and led its growth into national eminence, making it the country’s largest unit in that field.
Founder Trustee
Mr. Dwaraknath Reddy-
‘appa’ as he was fondly
called by all

At the height of success in business he handed over the family owned company to the younger generation and gave himself totally to the pursuit of spiritual enquiry, which has been the deeper demand and aspiration of his life even when he functioned diligently as a corporate chief. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi being the leading light of his self enquiry, he Settled down in 1983 near Ramanashram, Tiruvannamalai, living a life of a seeker.

It is his words, deeds and life itself that inspire and guide Ramanarpanam Trust and RDRT.

“Let us take our love to these institutions - and humbly offer it to those that will bless us by acceptance. And when the balance is struck, we shall know that there was never a giving - only a receiving.”




Mr. Dwarakanath Reddy's innate nature as a boy, youth and elder remained emotional, poetic, literary and thoughtful. Writing became his mode of personal "Sadhana", the way to self-education and soul-evolution. He wrote many books. To learn more about his publications

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  • Vikram Reddy is the Managing Director of the Nutrine Confectionery Company Limited and Trustee, Ramanarpanam Trust. Building on strong foundations laid by Mr. Dwaraknath Reddy, Vikram, his nephew, enhanced Nutrine’s growth manifold. His commitment, quiet dynamism and affable nature permeate the Trusts efforts to serve the downtrodden. He studied at Rishi Valley School, graduated from MCC, Chennai and went on to complete his education in Laverne University, California, USA. He returned to India in 1977 and joined Nutrine Confectionery Company Ltd at Chitoor, Andhra Pradesh.

    Pratap Reddy is the Managing Director of the Universal Group of Companies and Trustee, Ramanarpanam Trust. The Trust is supported by his stable and dedicated guidance and commitment to serve the poor. He is the youngest son of Shri. K.C.Reddy the first Chief Minister of Mysore State (Karnataka). He studied at Sindia School, Gwalior, followed by an Hon. degree in Literature at St. Stephens, Delhi. He completed his MBA at Chapman School, California and returned to India in 1978 to set up the Universal group of companies.

    Ms. Anita Reddy, is the Managing Trustee of the Ramanarpanam (DRRT) and Ranjini Dwaraknath Reddy (RDRT) Trusts. She is one of the Founder Trustees of AVAS (Association for Voluntary Action and Services). She has been working voluntarily through AVAS and the DRRT-RDRT Trusts for the upliftment of the under privileged and the downtrodden, especially in the urban slums of Karnataka, as also in the villages of Andhra Pradesh for the past 28 years.
    Her work includes the promotion of various model rehousing projects for slum dwellers, establishing a number of pre-school and activity centers for children from slums, forming women and youth groups for creating awareness and responsibilities towards self-help and community health, encouraging adolescent girls towards becoming self-reliant, promoting vocational and skill training programmes and self employment generating schemes etc. all of which have helped many urban poor and slum dwellers.

    Her work and achievements include being nominated by the Government of India as a member of the task force to prepare the country’s report for the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements. She was the member of the Housing Task Force set up by the Government of Karnataka and has worked on a report titled “Housing the Urban poor”. She was also nominated as a member of the Karnataka Slum Clearance Board and has served as a member or Trustee of various other organizations such as Sarvodaya Karnataka chapter. Her interest in the welfare of the youth has prompted her to promote the K.C. Reddy Swim Centre which has produced internationally recognized swimmers. She is the Organizing Secretary of Women’s Voice and has also participated actively as one of the State Secretaries of the KKNSS, (State Level Slum Dwellers Federation). Ms. Anita Reddy is the recipient of different awards including the Kempegowda award given by the Bangalore City Corporation, the Jean Harris international award from the Rotary, the Women Achievers Award from the Guild of Women Achievers etc.

    Anita Reddy’s consistent efforts and passionate dedication for the upliftment of the poor resulted in RAMANARPANAM TRUST establishing and facilitating the growth of DWARAKA, the DRISHYA Education Movement, and the JEEVANOTSAVA cultural platforms for poor children from slums and languishing artisans from villages.


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