Jeevanotsava Makkalla Koota:
A networking of children from poorer communities Children of impoverished families, especially those living in city slums or in remote villages, have been exploited and oppressed for generations. The reality of their stark poverty and the lack of opportunities to better their lives prompted the Dwaraknath Reddy Ramanarpanam Trust, under its DRIK initiative and in partnership with AVAS, to launch the JEEVANOTSAVA cultural movement.

The prime objectives of the JEEVANOTSAVA cultural movement are:
To provide an environment and the opportunity for urban poor children and children from villages to express themselves through visual and performing arts (music, song, dance, theatre, painting, sculpture, etc.). Through this self-expression, the children have an opportunity to rediscover their self-identity and to become better people of the world. To promote a network of and interaction between children from slums and villages.
To provide education and visual and performing arts education for children from poor communities.

To encourage a value-based media for communication focused on establishing respect for traditions of folklore, culture, and positive morals in the young.
To enhance skills and talents which enable the expansion of scope for future employment opportunities and ultimately making these at-risk youth self-reliant.
Through song, dance, drama and debate on courage, truth, patriotism, bravery, harmony, peace and above all the joys of childhood, more than 1000 children from 12 different slum communities in Bangalore have already begun to benefit from the JEEVANOTSAVA program. These children not only have an opportunity to express and enhance innate talents, but also to educate themselves on values of life and the ability to deal with larger challenges in the future with grace and dignity.
As a network of children, the JEEVANOTSAVA MAKKALA KOOTA is growing rapidly in numbers and spreading the message of love and peace. The next generation of achievers has already begun to develop, thanks to generous support by DRRT’s (Dwaraknath Reddy Ramanarpanam Trust) initiative DRIK, and a fulfilling partnership with AVAS. We look forward to the variety of opportunities that will open up for children at the VIVEKA campus, where they will network with DRISHYA students and other SC/ST rural children, while simultaneously enhancing skills and educational opportunities.
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